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I have produced medico-legal reports for 12 years. I have reviewed personal injury and clinical negligence claims for the Claimant and Defendant. I have also provided reports for the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman, and the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman.

I include medico-legal work as part of my annual Continued Professional Development.

Claimants can be seen at The Nuffield Hospital in Cambridge (5 minutes from Cambridge railway station, which is 45 minutes from Kings Cross Station, London), or at the Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital, Impington (with easy access for the M11 or A14).

Conditions reviewed
My medico-legal practice is reflective of my ongoing NHS practice. I regularly treat:

  • hand trauma
  • lower limb trauma
  • nerve injuries
  • scars

Children’s surgery is part of my NHS practice. I have undertaken level 3 child safeguarding training. My CV can be downloaded from this website.

I provide:

  • An up-to date expert assessment supported by available evidence
  • An opinion that is objective, mature, and balanced
  • A report that is succinct, focused, and analytical
  • An assessment of the consequences of the inury, prognosis and future risk
  • An appreciation of the implications of, and compliance with, the reforms carried out by Lord Justice Jackson
  • A report in which my overriding duty is to the court
  • The majority of reports are completed within two weeks of the appointment
  • Correspondence or requests for amendment are dealt with promptly

My terms and conditions can be downloaded from this website. Solicitors are welcome to discuss the likely cost of a report with my office.


I request that instructing solicitors ensure that all relevant medial notes and X-rays are available before I examine the client. Xrays should ideally be printed onto paper or be as Jpg format files that can be opened without additional soft-ware using Mac OS 10.7.  The notes  must nearly always include the entire General Practitioner notes and notes from all hospitals involved.  When all information is available to me, I will send the client an appointment to be examined. 
I also find that it is helpful at this stage to inform you of my current fees for medico-legal work so that you can confirm that they are acceptable.  These are based on the B.O.A and Law Society recommendations.

If a Claimant fails to attend an appointment, at less than 24 hours notice, a charge of £75 will made, if he or she fails to attend at less than 4 hours notice a charge of £150 will be made.

  • Instructing solicitors shall treat all information supplied by Mr Ian Grant as confidential and shall not disclose indirectly or directly or otherwise use this information except for the purpose of the specified litigation without the prior consent of Mr Ian Grant.
  • Mr Ian Grant’s charges will be based on an hourly rate of £300 (charged in 15 minute aliquots).
  • If required to attend a conference in chambers, Mr Grant’s charge will be £1500 per half day.
  • If required to attend Court, Mr Grant’s charge will be £2750 per day.
  • A rate of £300 per hour (charged in 15 minute aliquots) for work in preparation for court and case conferences
  • Instructing solicitors shall pay all sums due within six weeks of the date of invoice.  Late payment will be subject to a surcharge of £100. In the event of late payment, further reports and co-operation will be withheld until payment is received.

To make an appointment
please call 01223 550 881 or email:

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