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Insured patients
I charge rates that are reasonable and consistent with my experience. For the majority of insurance providers there should be no shortfall for out patient care or for surgery. If you are uncertain, please discuss this with your insurance provider before your appointment.

Self-funding: Hand and plastic surgery
Hand / Plastic surgery new appointment £225, and follow-up appointment £125

Self-funding: Cosmetic surgery
New appointment £200 (cosmetic surgery patients considering surgery can return for a second appointment at no charge).
Cosmetic surgery patients usually have an initial consultation of at least 30 minutes. I provide a personal opinion, and will carefully explain the pros and cons of a procedure. (It is possible that the information may not always be what a patient wants to hear: for example I may need to explain why a procedure would not be in a patients best interest.)

If you are a smoker, or are unable to stop smoking, I am unlikely to recommend that you consider cosmetic surgery. 

Additional procedures and investigations in clinic
An additional fee may be charged for interventions or investigations performed during the consultation (for example steroid injection into a painful joint).
I may also charge an additional fee for the review of a large number of X-rays and scans (many of my patients have undergone previous investigation and surgery elsewhere). Please feel free to discuss this with my office before your consultation.

Surgery in self-funding patients
If surgery is required a patient is usually provided with a fixed-rate quote: including the hospital care, surgical fee, anaesthetist fee, and follow-up costs.

See and treat clinics
For self-funding patients the fee is £425 (the hospital will also charge a fee for use of their staff and facilities of between £200 and £300, please check with my office before your appointment).

If your planned surgery involves the histological analysis of tissue: the hospital will charge for this service: this is usually between £200 and £300 per specimen (the hospital or my secretary should be able to tell you the likely cost.)

See and treat clinics are most appropriate for small skin benign skin lesions. See and treat clinics are not suitable for anything other than very minor hand surgery, and are not suitable for cosmetic eyelid surgery. 

If at the time of our consultation I feel that your problem would not be suitable for "see and treat" and make the decision not to proceed with surgery, you are likely to be charged approximatley £200. This does not happen very often but common reasons for not going ahead with surgery include: lesions too large to be removed as a simple excision (for example larger lesions on the lower-legs or nose needing a skin graft), lesions close to the eye or on the hands of a patient wanting to drive home, and patients with important social or professional engagements within a few days of the proposed surgery.


Prices are correct at time of publishing in May 2017: but please check all pricing with my secretary.

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